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Why Do Eyelids Twitch?

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 23 Jan 2013 | comments*Discuss
Eyelid Eyelid Twitching Involuntary

Twitching eyelids is often regarded with humour and is something that most people experience but do not understand. For a person suffering from an occasional twitch it can be slightly annoying but not something that is regarded with much thought whilst for those who have frequent bouts of eyelid twitching, it can become extremely annoying, off-putting and begin to really get people down.

Why does it Happen?

Eyelid twitching occurs as the eyelid is forced to spasm involuntarily. The spasm involves the tiny muscles of the eyelid and these can become sensitive and susceptible to twitching because of tiredness, too much caffeine or as a response to stress.

Some people experience this strange occurrence every day whilst for others it is extremely intermittent and only happens once or twice in a lifetime. There does however, seem to be some evidence that it appears as a genetic trait so you may be more susceptible if your parents or grandparents regularly suffer with the condition.

Is it Serious?

In almost all cases the cause is not serious and can be simply alleviated by minor changes to the diet or lifestyle such as reducing caffeine or increasing the amount or rest and sleep taken.

However in a few cases especially if the eyelid is forced to close entirely or the symptoms last for more than a few days, the cause may relate to an irritation to the cornea or conjunctiva in which case a visit to your optician or doctor may be advisable to determine if this is the case and further treatment or investigation may be needed.

If you believe stress is the cause for the twitching, it is vital that you assess your stress level and try and find ways of either reducing the stress you are exposed to or finding better ways of managing the stress you do receive as eyelid twitching is only a minor side-effect of stress and the other possible reactions going on in your body may be a lot more serious including high blood pressure, altered mental state and an increased risk of damage to your heart.

Treatments for Eyelid Twitching

In most cases, the twitching can be relieved by simply allowing yourself more time to rest and unwind. Try getting a few more hours sleep or changing your routine so that your can get a little more sleep each night.

In many cases sleep is enough but if the twitching continues it could be that you are drinking too much tea or coffee as caffeine has also been identified as a risk. Switch to decaffeinated products or even better, exchange the tea or coffee for herbal teas or drinks that induce sleep and benefit in both ways.

Eyelid twitching is usually treated as a comical episode that many people suffer from and is not to be taken seriously. However, if it does continue for longer periods or you have other eye related symptoms please do make an appointment with your doctor or an optician and have your eyes checked out just in case.

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