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What's Causing My Itchy Eyes and 'Cloudy' Vision?

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 19 Nov 2013 | comments*Discuss
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I am just enquiring about my eyes, the last two months there seems to be a sheet of goo over my eyes 24/7, its very uncomfortable and is beginning to become extremely ichy and dry. I spend most of my days with my finger in my eye trying to get to goo out which is not very pleasant!

I have changed all my eye make-up, I have used drops for dry eyes and lately have started to put tea bags on them (my mother told me it's good for your eyes!!).

I'm only 20 years old so am beginning to get worried re; my eye problems, I can see ok sometimes a bit cloudy! Any advice/information would be greatly appreciated.

(Miss Danielle Dunne, 6 September 2008)


Cloudy/Itchy Eyes

The most likely cause for someone your age who suffers from itching and clouding of the eyes is due to their eye make-up and it not being removed regularly and effectively, but as you say you have recently changed this it may not be unless the different varieties share common ingredients.

If your eyes are red in any way or have dried fluids on the eyelashes when you wake in the morning you may have conjunctivitis that will need treating by a doctor.The most obvious diagnosis of clouding is to assume a cataract is developing but due to your age and where you live this is highly unlikely.

I wonder whether you sit at a computer for long periods as this can cause dry eyes and itching and is very common in modern society. It is important of those that work with computers to take regular breaks and it is now the law for employers to facilitate this.

Cloudy eyes can be a symptom caused by many different conditions ranging from the very serious to a simple allergy. It is advised that you speak to your GP if you have an existing medical condition as this may be related to a previously diagnosed problem, and I would also recommend you see your local optician who can carry out an examination of your eye including the anatomy inside and at the back of the eye and will refer you to a specialist if needed or treat in-house if able.Your eyes are very delicate structures and need the very best care in order to keep them in good health so any symptoms should be investigated just in case there is a problem.

If you do continue to suffer with this problem, please try and refrain form using your finger to resolve the itch or remove the layer of film from your eyes as this can introduce an infection very easily and also puts your eyes at risk of suffering with a traumatic injury. There are many eye drops available that can help ease itching and help flush any debris from the surface of the eye.

You only have one set of eyes so it is vital that these are maintained by having regular checks to make sure everything is OK and that they are protected from damage.

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I have been told that i have a kind of floater that has attached its self to the back of my eye and when i move my eye up down or left to right a cloud crosses my vision this has become a problem when driving and reading .Is there any treatment that i could have to rid me of this cloud?
vargner - 19-Nov-13 @ 7:53 AM
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