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Brow Lifts and the Eyes

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 23 Jan 2013 | comments*Discuss
Brow Brow Lift Endoscopically Telescope

Not many people realise that their brow line and eyebrows can make a real difference to the way they look and how much these areas affect their eyes.

Sagging of the brow and drooping of the eyebrows can cause bright and healthy eyes to look tired, angry or even convey other emotions that actually do not exist.

By lifting these areas and restoring the natural placement of the brow line, the eyes appear brighter, can often see more in the peripheral area and will also look a lot younger.

Brow lifts do not always require a long incision or lots of cutting with scissors and the usage of many sutures as they can now be carried endoscopically meaning that the approach is minimally invasive and the procedure is carried out with the assistance of a light source and a magnifying telescope. The incision can be hidden in your brow line and the after-appearance shows no giveaway signs that a procedure has even taken place.

How does your Brow affect your Eyes?

The way in which your brow works and appears can make a huge difference to your eyes. Not only might the sagging and drooping cause your eyelids to drop (sometimes interfering with visual ability) but the brow may ‘fall’ onto your eyes and eyelids. This can cause the person to express emotions and mood unintentionally and also cause a person to look much older than they actually are.

Not only will your eyes appear more alert and less aged, but people will actually be able to see your whole eye area which they previously may have been unable to.

What Exactly is a Brow Lift?

Making a small incision in the area that has sagged is loosened, trimmed and then reattached using very fine absorbable sutures. The procedure takes about an hour and the recovery is usually very speedy and uneventful.

It is likely that there will be a minor swelling or discolouration of the brow in the days after the surgery, but this should disappear after about a week.

The procedure can also be done without using the telescope and this involves making slightly larger incisions in the brow line and often the temples and trimming the tissues and reattaching them in an ‘open’ procedure. Again the result is usually very good and scarring and bruising are minimal although it may be a little more than if the procedure was done using the telescope.

The type of surgery you will be offered will depend on your personal circumstances and the severity of the sagging of the brow and eye area.

A brow lift is typically considered to be a cosmetic procedure and therefore will probably be unavailable through the NHS. However, the cosmetic market is very competitive and prices tend to reflect this. Companies are also now offering several payment methods if you would like to have the procedure carried out in the private sector.

Always make sure you are aware of all the facts and are fully informed of the risks and side-effects of the procedure before undergoing any surgery.

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