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Ageing & Eye Health
Ageing & Eye Health: Combating Presbyopia, Services for the Housebound, Sight Det...
Case Studies
Case Studies: My New Lens Dislocated: A Case Study, I Had to Have Laser Treatment...
Children & Eye Health
Children & Eye Health: Poor Vision or Something More Serious?, First...
Common Eye Conditions
Common Eye Conditions: Long Sightedness, What is Allergic Conju...
Cosmetic Eye Surgery
Cosmetic Eye Surgery: Brow Lifts and the Eyes, Blepharoplasty, Eye Lid...
Eye Infections
Eye Infections: Fungal Eye Infections, What is Trachomatis?, Symptoms and Causes of...
Eye Treatments
Eye Treatments: Lasek and Lasik Eye Surgery: What is the Difference?, What a Cornea...
Eye Tumours
Eye Tumours: Support for People With Eye Cancer, What is a Retinoblastoma?, Eye...
Eye Wear
Eye Wear: Types of Contact Lenses, Using Contact Lenses, Travelling with...
Healthy Eyes
Healthy Eyes: How the Eye Works, Protecting Your Eyes from UV, Protecting Your Eyes...
Other Eye Problems
Other Eye Problems: Diabetes and Eyes, Why Do Eyelids Twitch?, What is Vitrectomy...
Vision: What Are Photoreceptors?, Driving and Eyesight, Computer Vision...
Latest Comments
  • KEM
    Re: What Do Intravitreal Injections Treat?
    Really interesting and well covered.
    23 March 2015
  • EyeHelp
    Re: Is There an Operation for 'Lazy Eye'?
    @nene. thanks for your kind comments about our site. We cannot give individual medial advice, but we do have a similar…
    29 October 2014
  • nene
    Re: Is There an Operation for 'Lazy Eye'?
    My wife recently underwent laser rays for her glaucoma....she wants to travel by air for over 5 would…
    26 October 2014
  • Jane
    Re: Eye Infections
    I developed shingles that went into my right eye four years ago- since the original breakout I've had several reoccurrences . Today it's broke out.…
    13 July 2014
  • EyeHelp
    Re: Iritis Explained
    Thanks for that Sue, it's really useful to know about individual experiences and the advice to seek early medical help is important.
    6 June 2014
  • Sue
    Re: Iritis Explained
    I have had iritus for 10 years, 17 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have had both my eyes injected a few times, and have…
    5 June 2014
  • morne
    Re: The RNIB and How it Supports the Blind
    My grandchild is blind and keep on pushing his ginger into his eyes,why
    1 March 2014
  • mari
    Re: Shingles in the Eye
    My son who is 39 has developed shingles, it started on Thursday with an headache, he took panadole tablets thinking it being only a headache,…
    15 January 2014
    Re: Squint Repair
    I have Squint problem by birth , I can see properly without glasses but if I have to see with my squinted Eye it seems that vision is not in my reach…
    20 November 2013
  • vargner
    Re: What's Causing My Itchy Eyes and 'Cloudy' Vision?
    I have been told that i have a kind of floater that has attached its self to the back of my eye and…
    19 November 2013
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